What You Get?

A three hour studio shoot resulting in a portfolio of 25 images for you to use in marketing yourself to the world.  Each shoot is tailored to the individual subject.  Prior to shooting, we will discuss your objectives for the shoot and how you see yourself positioned in the marketplace.  On set, we will capture the raw material to make you shine.  And following the shoot, I will prepare a selected portfolio of 25 images, and put them through a detailed editing process to ensure you look your best.  Those images will be presented to you in a password protected web gallery, then delivered online as both high resolution JPGs and lower resolution images ready for posting on the web and social media.  


The Icons Package includes a three hour studio shoot and delivers 25 diverse images for you to use on multiple platforms.  Many will find the base package sufficient for their needs, however there are additional options available.

Hair and Makeup - $350/model

Additional Shooting Time - $150/hour

Additional Model - $400

Wardrobe Stylist - Varies based on customer needs

Location Shoots

The base package price includes a shoot in studio.  However, if you would prefer an outdoor, or other specific setting, that can likely be accomplished.  A location shoot may, however, add to the cost of your shoot depending on the travel costs, rental fee, insurance, and permitting requirements of the specific location. (NOTE: Location shoots require 50% deposit)

Available Discounts

10% off your second shoot.

20% off your second shoot if you refer a friend.

20% off for signed stock model release (inquire for details)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Contenders?

With today's media saturated social media world, there is more demand for imagery than ever before.  And while a solid headshot may get you through the door, today's public figure is realizing that success takes more than just talent.  It requires a no holds barred marketing effort that can get your name, and face, in front of the right audience and launch your career into orbit.  I decided to start Contenders for those professionals who are ready to take control of their own destinies.  For those with the pluck and determination to make a name for themselves.  For those with the courage to be a contender.

How long does it take to get the final images?

10 business days or less.

Is three hours long enough?

Three hours is more than enough for most subjects.  If you feel as though you would need extra time, that can be arranged for an additional fee?

Does hair and makeup count against my shooting time?

The first hour of hair and makeup is included.  So, if you book a three hour session with hair and makeup, you would basically be booking a four hour shoot with the first hour in the makeup chair included.

Can I bring my own hair and makeup?


Can I get more than 25 final images?

I'm a big believer in putting your best foot, and only your best foot forward.  As you are creating your public persona, there is no room for representations that are anything less than ideal.  That is why your final selects come as a tightly edited package where each image has been gone over with a fine toothed comb.  Most will find the 25 images to be more than enough for their promotional needs.  However, if you would like more images, you can opt for the All Inclusive Package for an additional $350.  For this, you would receive essentially all the images from the shoot, after a round of photographer rejects.  Generally, this will put you in the realm of 45-55 final images.

Are the images retouched?

Yes.  Every image I take is carefully scrutinized before it is allowed into the world.  If upon receiving your package, you would like additional adjustments, the first round of adjustments are included in the price.  Subsequent adjustments costs $35/image.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes.  A $200 deposit is required to confirm your place on the schedule.  If you require a Hair and Makeup person or stylist, a deposit of 50% of your total will be required.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations with refund of your deposit is available up until 72 hours prior to your scheduled shoot.

I don't need editorial/promotional images, do you offer basic headshot services?

Yes.  A basic headshot package includes head and shoulder portraits shot out-of-studio in natural light for $395.  This includes a one hour session.  An online proof gallery.  And basic retouching and high resolution delivery of five images of your choice.  To view a headshots only portfolio, click here.

Will you resell my images?

No.  Unless you take advantage of the stock photography discount, your images will not be marketed in any way.

Do you offer refunds?

For technical equipment failure only.  As with any art form, photography is subjective.  While I do my best to please my clients, I  do not offer refunds on aesthetic grounds.  However, while on set, you are welcome to review our progress and I will do my best to adjust accordingly.

What forms of payment do you accept?

You can pay your balance by cash, check, or credit card via PayPal.  Need to make a payment?  Click here.

Do I own the copyright to my images?

No.  The session fee allows you to use the imagery created for whatever promotional needs you see fit.  However, copyright is retained by the photographer unless otherwise arranged.

We are a partner act, can we get group portraits?

Yes.  If you are a duo, trio, or otherwise, the same promotional package is available.  There is a $400 fee for each additional subject.  So, for instance, if you are a twosome, your base price would be $1195 for both of you.  Note that the shoot must still take place within the three hour block.  And the deliverable is still 25 images.  If you wanted more, for example 25 images for EACH of you, then you would be charged for the extra imagery.  Additionally, if required, there would be a fee for additional hours of shooting time.  If Hair and Makeup were required for the second subject, there would be an additional $250 charge for each additional subject needed hair and makeup.

How do I get featured on your blog?

Just ask.

I have a show coming up, can you help me spread the word? 

Of course.  Let me know via email or on Twitter (@contenders_la) and I'll be more than happy to help promote your work.

How we get started?

Say hello.

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